Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Temptation

I love the weekends but it's always the toughest time of the week for temptation. We usually go out on Friday and Saturday night for dinner and on Sunday we go out to lunch after church. When I'm at home, I'm in "my safe zone". Because I only keep foods in the house that follow along the guidelines of what I want to be eating. But then when you go out, you don't ever know what the nutritional value is of the meal you may be eating. I know alot of resturants offer lower calorie meals now and they even put the nutrional info right on the menu, but not everyone does it. Then I remembered reading a fellow bloggers page yesterday that said he was basically feeling the same way and wondering what the nutrional value was of something he wanted to eat. So he pulled out his IPhone and googled the information, and there it was! He's basically going thru the same things we all are with his journey and he's also trying to get his blog out there, so you should check it out. Here's his link in case you want to show him some love:

So anyways, then I checked the Apps on my IPhone and I found a free app called "Restaurant Nutrition." It's got the nutritional info for over 115 restaurants and over 19,000 food items. It also helps you track your calories, carbs, protein, fat and more! It's perfect and just what I needed to help me make better choices when going out. So Thanks Brendan for giving me the idea! I was able to eat dinner out with my hubby tonight at Longhorn Steak House without stressing and knew exactly how many calories I was eating. And it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

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  1. Hey! That was so awesome of you to link to my blog! I appreciate it so much. That is so cool that you got some useful info from my blog. I just got some from yours and now I'm downloading that restaurant app! Love it. Keep going strong! Thanks again.