Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahhh.... Carbs!

I am finding it really hard not to eat Carbs. Does anyone else have this problem? Why do they have to be so darn good? It's like all of my favorite foods are freakin Carbs. I love Pasta and Bread, and Cereal, and so on.....I've been trying to do the "low carb" thing on top of doing weight watchers. The Weight Watchers Point System is great and really easy to follow and stick to. But I thought if I tried to cut my Carbs too, then I would really lose some weight. But I think now I just need to focus on getting my points in correctly and not try so hard to be perfect. I guess I'm just worried because I feel like every meal I eat includes Carbs. And I know there has got to be some great meals that I would like that don't have to involve Pasta or Bread. But I am having trouble finding meals like this. Any suggestions? I need some serious help! I think I'm actually addicted to Carbs?!


  1. Carbs are TOUGH! One thing I am trying is to essentially reduce my simple carbs - so no white bread, regular pasta, white potatoes, rice, etc. The other thing I am trying to do is to replace my wheat based carbs with legumes. It's not easy, and I still struggle, big time, but it's a nice goal. Good luck!

  2. I am a carb addict. Really. Gotta have 'em. The only way I have found to get past it is to do what I did last week (and hopefully this week too) - - Eat nothing but zero point fruits and veggies during the day and then eat what I want (carbs and all) for dinner... as long as its not over my daily points allowance. If I eat "real food" during the day... its gonna have carbs. I just can't avoid them. :)

  3. I know how you feel. I used to eat plain pieces of bread straight out of the bag for snacks. I'm a reformed bread-o-holic. I switched to Arnold Sandwich Thins and I think they are great. I also eat Thomas Bagel Thins.

  4. I am pretty firm in my belief that it is never good to remove an entire food group for your diet in order to lose weight. What happens when you add it back in? It's totally unrealistic to think you'll never eat bread or cereal again.

    It's all about moderation. And yes, Weight Watchers' new points program is definitely pushing us in the right direction. Maybe you can focus more on eating lean proteins and all of your fruits and veg? This will naturally steer you away from carb-heavy foods.

  5. I'm a carb addict also. Seriously. If I go too long without having certain types of food, I get the shakes and a headache, lol. I guess the thing for me is to choose better TYPES of this stuff or fool my body with whole wheat pasta and stuff like that. You are not alone.

  6. I fell so much better just knowing that I'm not alone! LOL. Thanks for all the comments guys!!!!

  7. Carbs are not the devil. They are not evil and infact every single cell in our body requires them to function. Cut them out of your diet, and watch what happens to your health. Sure at first you will lose weight, and then lean muscle mass and then organ mass, followed by brain cells.

    The focus should be on eating complex carbs ad not refined "Simple" carbs. It's the differance between eating a slab of wonder bread, and a 9 grain whole wheat bread; regular pasta versus whole grain/whole wheat pasta.

    Carbs that are simple, refined and beated senseless of all their goodness are they white flour based barbs, the sugary carbs, the carbs, the bleached and then re-enriched. Enrichment simply means "Hey, look we added back in some of the stuff that we took out in the refining process!" So avoid refined, processed, simple carbs and dive into a life of eating high fiber, low fat, high density whole grain, complaex carbs. These are the building blocks of every single cell in our body.

    To get all nursey with you: Cells require this stuff called ATP to fire off and function normally. Guess where cells get what they need to make ATP? Carbs!

    We need carbs, protien, fat, vitamins, minerals and water to survive and be healthy. Any diet that has you severely restricting any of these things is not a sustainable diet. Balance, harmony and portion control...these are the foundation of a healthy eating pattern.

    I am 30 pounds down in two months, my blood pressure went from high to normal and I am feeling better than ever about what goes into my body.

    So don't be afraid of carbs...carbs are our friend. ;P