Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walk Away

For the past week the hubby and I have been trying to figure out what to do for Superbowl Sunday. We had been invited to a couple of parties, but ultimately we decided to just stay home and have our own small get together. I enjoy  going to games alot but as far as watching a game on t.v., I just CANNOT get into it. And I have really, really tried. I want to be the cool chick that knows all the players names and understands all the plays. But for the life of me I just can't!!!! I was more excited today at the thought of having my "cheat day" and about all the good food we were having. I know, how pathetic.
We had buffalo wings in Medium and Lemon Pepper. (Which is My FAVE)  several types of dips and chips, Coctail weenies and the other usual stuff. I know I have earned this cheat day so I shouldn't feel quilty about it. But I do.
And all I had was 5 wings and some celery. And I tried to eat alot of celery to try and fill up on it. But then I moved on to the desserts. BAHAHAHA. We had made those Peanut Butter filled Ritz crackers that you dip in milk chocolate. YUMMM! So, I had one. But just one! It was like heaven in my mouth for real. But I knew it was time to just walk away from the food or else I was probably going to eat too much. So I walked away like I was being told to.......
Imagine this, a policeman saying: "Big girl, walk away from the food table".
"Drop your fork and give it up". (hee hee). AHHH me and my crazy imagination. But I must say that overall I am pretty proud of myself. I didn't overeat and I ate just enough to fill me up while I watched everyone else pig out like it was their jobs. Gotta Love Superbowl Sundays...... :P