Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiking is Fun

My husband told me Thursday night that his job is wanting to transfer him to another location. It would be a great promotion for him, going from an Assistant Manager, to being a Branch Service Manager. He would get a decent pay raise and receive quarterly bonuses. The only problem is that the new shop is over an hour away. Which in turn means, we have to move. UGH. We just moved into the house we're currently in back in October. But we knew this move was only temporary as we are living with our friends to help out. (Long story~ but my hubby's best friend was shot 7 times last year. 5 times in the head. So he was in the hospital for about 10 months then released in October. we moved in to help out with the kids, taking care of Zach, etc.) So we knew that this wouldn't be long term. But the plan was to stay here with them until August when their new handicap house should be finished by. I talked it over with our friend and she told us that she thought we should go for it. We had already made up our minds that this was something that we had to do. But we just wanted to make sure that they would be okay if we were'nt still living under the same roof. I mean even if we do move a little further away from them, it will still be within driving distance for me to come and help out. And I still want to help out. I have seen our friend suffer so much this past year. And I absolutely love seeing the little miracles we get to experience with him each day. So I plan to continue working with him several days a week. But for now, we've got to get in gear and find a new home. (Watch out Craig's List, here I come!) We don't have to rush too bad because my husband said he could do the hour plus drive for awhile. But I wanted to go check out the potential cities we might be moving to right away. So we headed out this morning into the North Georgia Mountains. It is breath takingly beautiful up there, I must admit. But the thought of moving out to the boondocks kind of scares me. But I think the change will be good. We've been through so much heartache since last year, so I think it's time for a change. We took a long drive through the mountains and stopped once for a quick hike. Which then turned into a long hike. I've never been one to volunteer to go hiking. UHH UHH Not me! That's too much damn excersize! LOL. But this time it was different. I wasn't panting so hard I thought I would faint. Or complaining so much that I had to worry that my husband might push me off a cliff to put me out of my misery. I actually ENJOYED it!!!! ALOT! And when I told my husband that I thought hiking was fun, he started laughing because he thought I was totally kidding. Then I said, "No, for real. I'm loving it". So then he asked me if I was feeling alright and felt my head! Silly man.... Hiking is fun! And great excersize! :)


  1. I love the idea of hiking and wished I lived closer to hiking type places. Michigan is so boring in that aspect. At least here near Detroit. Good luck with the move.

  2. hey! I'm a new follower :) This is so funny but my husband and I went hiking this weekend too and It was great!! :) I was thinking the whole time driving there that I'm going to pass out or not enjoy myself but I actually did. I told my husband - I rather hike then go to the gym!