Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thunder Thighs

I've been trying several different types of excersize to see what works best for me. So far, I am totally into the bike riding. I love how free I feel when I'm out on my bike, wind blowing thru my hair, and no thoughts running thru my brain other than hoping I don't crash into a tree. (My bike has no brakes....)

But I have decided this week to try and focus on excersizes that will "target" my Thunder Thighs. That's one of the parts I hate the most on my body. I'm guessing that the bike riding will be good for my thighs too. But I've been working them so hard over the past few days that that now I feel like I rode a Donkey across the Dessert. So I think I'm gonna take the night off tonight and let them "heal" for a minute. But I PROMISE I will get right back at it tomorrow!    :)

P.S.~ This is my Dream bike that I'm saving for. I love Hello Kitty so it's PERRRFECT! But quite pricey too....



  1. What a pretty bike!!! What types of exercises are you doing for your thighs?

  2. I am an avid cyclist myself and find it a great cardio and leg strengthener. I have been off the bike awhile since finishing school, but this post makes me want to get back on, once the weather clears up.

  3. bikes hurt my butt. lol If I could get to the point where they dont hurt my butt quite so much, though... I think that would be a great option for me. :)

    I am also curious what exercises you are doing for your thighs.

  4. I love hello kitty and that bike is AMAZING!

  5. There are "Big Girl" friendly bike seats that are a bigger than the standard ones. So they help not make your butt so sore! And Other than the bike, I am doing squats (UGH!!!) and some weird awkward leg lift thingys that I read about in Cosmo. LOL!!! Any tips on what I could try would be great! :)


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