Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skinny Girl Stores

I went to the mall today with some friends after church. Everyone except me wanted to eat lunch there. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find anything even remotely healthy to eat. And I really didn't want to go into a big explanation about my new eating habits and about how I am trying to totally avoid fast food of any type. But I really lucked up and found this new little place that sells all types of delicious healthy foods. They make fresh wraps with meat, veggies and sprouts, all types of soups and salads, and had a wonderful assortment of fresh fruit. So I decided on a Turkey wrap with a mixed fruit cup on the side and a bottle of water. I will admit though, that my friends Huge Calzone with Marinara on the side was calling out to me. I could have seriously tore that thing up! LOL. But my lunch did it's job. I only ate about half the wrap and fruit and was full. So I actually threw some of it away. I'm usually a "Clean My Plate" kind of girl. But I was happy, full and felt satisfied so I was able to stop eating when I should have.  After lunch we all strolled the mall and went in and out of various stores. I walked into a "Skinny Girl Store" with my friend that sells womens clothing up to a size 12. And as soon as I was passed the door way a sales clerk came up and asked me if she could help me with anything. I told her "No thank You, I'm only looking". The usual standard reply. And she said "Oh... Okay" and kind of smirked and laughed a bit as he walked away. I felt like she wanted to tell me that I was in the wrong store. Thank God she didn't though or I might have snapped. And I could have seriously broken her tiny little size zero body in half over my knee. I pictured Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she was in that expensive boutique and the sales clerk just assumed she couldn't afford anything. Then she got some money from Richard Gere she went back to rub it in her face. Well if I ever do get down to a size 12 or less, I WILL go back.....But I won't buy a thing from that silly skinny girl. :()

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  1. I once walked into a Victoria secrets before my wedding to find a little something special for the honeymoon. I was about a size 16 then. I walked through the doors with my girl friends and the sales clerk asked if she could help me and I told her that i was happily shopping for my wedding. She smirked at me and replied: "Oh, dear, well I think you would be happier at one of those store for women like know like Lane Bryant or something." She tunred on a dime and walked away. I ofcourse burst into tears, while my girlfriends came to my rescue and tore her a new one, but the stigma of that stayed with me for along time. I think you handled yourself with grace and dignity and having goals are good. I have said before and I will say it again: Lose weight to be healthy and happy, but know that right now, right in this very moment that you are priceless, cherished and beautiful! I have recently shed almost 20 pounds, and you have been inspiring me so I think I may start another blog for just the recipes I find and make. Hugs.