Friday, January 14, 2011

I even eat when I Sleep!

I dreamt of McDonalds French Fries and Coca Cola last night. Two of my favorite things. How sad is that.... But once I woke up and realized I was dreaming about my obsession with food, it just gave me that much more determination! So I started my day off with a bowl of oatmeal and a big glass of water. I'd rather be eating a bagel overflowing with cream cheese but I know that's not a wise choice for me. That's how I got here in the first place right? After breakfast I did a mini workout consisting of 10 crunches, 40 leg lifts, and and 20 squats. Now I realize this is nothing to someone who excersizes regularly. But for me, this is huge! Instead of feeling worn out and grumpy like I figured I would, I felt great! I felt really "awake" and alive and I was so proud of myself. I even called my hubby at work to tell him about it.
I worked from home for a few hours then I had to get ready for an appointment with a friend. She is getting married next year and I'm going to be one of her bridesmaids. Her color choice for the bridesmaids dresses is a Candy Apple Red. I hate red on me but hey, it's her wedding so I just have to deal with it. But I fear that if I don't loose enough weight by the wedding that when I go to walk down the eisle, someone is gonna yell "KOOLAID".... Remember the old kool aid commercial where the huge Red Kool Aid Man comes busting thru a wall? Well that's gonna be me if I don't get in gear. I watched all these beautiful girls trying on their size 6 or 8 dresses in awe. I want to be like that. There was one girl in particular that had me mesmerized. She walked in wearing black yoga pants with knee high UGG boots and an oversized black sweater on. She was tall, blond with carmel highlights and had an amazing figure. She took off her sweater and handed it to her Mother so she could go start trying on dresses and I almost fell off my chair. She had on grey T shirt that exposed her midriff. Her stomach was flat as a pan cake! WOW! She was absolutely stunning. And then when she came out in her first gown I got all teary eyed. Not because she was going to be such a beautiful bride or because her dress was so pretty, but because I realized that if I want it bad enough and work my butt of to do it, that I COULD be like her. But it's gonna be hell on earth getting there. I know what I have to do and what I need to do. But for now I just need to stay focused and stop dreaming about French Fries......


  1. bahahahahaahah I don't dream about french fries---but I would love to!!! My friend at work is little and every day at lunch she comes in with Wendys or Pizza or Chicked fingers while I have to eat wheat bread with either tuna or peanut butter on it. LOL

    Good Girl for exercising!! So proud of you!!!! It will get easier and you will be able to do more and more!!! Let me recommend either Jillian Michaels DVDs or Bob Harpers DVDs, they will kick your butt!!!!!

    Good Luck!


  2. My dreams have kind of gone the opposite direction... I'm now dreaming of having to eat the recipes given in our diet book. ha. Last night I had a dream that I was at a HUGE family function and couldn't eat anything until I got home. It was AWFUL!!

    I just try to keep in mind.. The hardest part is getting started, and we're already there! Now we just have to keep at it, and it'll get easier and easier.

    Good luck this week! I look forward to hearing more about your progress!

  3. I wanted to make a few comments on your posts. First of all you are absolutely stunning! So please, please do not over look that fact!

    I am also overweight, and on a one track path towards being healthier. I have PCOS which does not lend its self to easy weight loss, add to the fact that I broke my back 6 years ago, and the weight piled on. However I am a nutritional counseling nurse, who is now going back to school to get my degree in clinical psych. If you have any questions about weight loss (healthy weight loss) especially if you have specific concerns like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance etc...hit me up. The one thing I like to tell all my fellow chubby sister and brothers to remember is that "diet" food such as Lean Cuisine and other prepackaged meals are the BIGGEST contributors of over dosing on sodium. So if you are trying to stave off hypertension make sure you familiar yourself with sodium levels and what is and is not healthy.

    Lastly I will leave you with this (since I already gave you UNSOLICATED advice *sorry*) You are worthy of love, you are worthy of praise and you are beautiful RIGHT NOW! Being thinner will make you healthier, but you are beautiful right now in this moment and that is that.

  4. Thank you SO much for the amazing comments! I must say I feel very overwhelmed and so happy by all the positive re-inforcement that I am getting. And to my last commentor, you MADE my day!!!! And thanks for the advice. I will deff let you know if I have any questions! :P