Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chubby Wubby

I'm still a little "under the weather" today. Now with the classic stuffy nose and sore throat. So I decided rather than watching more movies on Lifetime about steamy affairs and love triangles to concentrate on some good old fashioned reading. I have several new books in line to be read but I decided to pick up an old fave from a few years ago and re-read it. It's called "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. If you have read it then you probably know why I love it. If you haven't then you have got to read it! It's about a chubby girl who's ex gets a great job at a magazine and decides to write an article about his relationship with her. He wrote that "Loving a larger Woman takes an act of courage in today's world". Then he goes on to say that he "Would never forget the day he found out that his girlfriend weighed more than him". Poor chubby girl. As if it isn't hard enough being a "Big Girl" in today's skinny world, she had to have it shoved in her face in a major published magazine story. I know this is just a fiction character in a fiction novel. But I could really relate to this story and the overwhelming feeling of embarassment and self hate she felt. Being the fattie living with all the skinnies. Anyways it's a really good story with alot of heartfelt emotion and struggles. You should check it out....
On the plus side of being sick, you don't feel like eating. LOL. So I haven't blown my diet yet (Sorry to inform you haters). But I also know that not eating at all is not a good thing in itself. I did manage to eat a little soup earlier but my throat feels like it's lined with Razor Blades. So I felt like that was better than nothing. I am going to try to make myself get up later and do a little cardio. I'm hoping that it might actually make me feel better. But No worries today of me cheating and grabbing any french fries. They would probably taste like cardboard anyway.... :)

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