Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Old Kick In The A**

I've been sick the past couple of days and I have done nothing. I mean absolutely nothing (that's considered excersize). I have watched more T.V in these past few days than I probably have in the past year. Oh, and I can probably tell you about every Lifetime movie ever made. Because I watched them all. LOL! I cleaned out our closets and drawers, (Ok maybe that can count for a little excersize) I caught up my journal, I read a bizillion blogs, I tried some new recipes, and that's about it. I would say I slept alot like most sick people do. But I have had a very hard time sleeping lately. So here it is 3:29 am when I should be asleep, but I'm not. So I decided to work a little and catch up on here about my very boring weekend. I did actually leave the house today though which was great. My dog (Dax) turned 5 years old today. Or I guess 35 in dog years? Anyways, me and my hubby have this sort of tradition where every year on his birthday we go out and have a steak for dinner. Then we bring home the birthday boy our leftovers. So we headed out to Longhorn Steak House tonight to partake in some feasting. And OMG was it good! Now I'm gonna need a good old kick in the a** to get my butt back in gear tomorrow. After being so lazy for a few days, I have alot of working out to catch up on. I think I will start with a bike ride in the morning. It's supposed to be pretty here tomorrow so it shouldn't be too cold. But we'll see....

P.S~ Here's a picture of the birthday brat.

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  1. I'm still trying to recuperate from my Steak Salad and french fry frenzy from my "free meal" last week!

    Love the pic of Dax...what a "fetching" young dog you have :)