Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm feeling pretty good today! Trying not to focus on all the negativity around me and just focus on the positive. I started off this morning hurrying around and stressing over so many things to do. Then I just stopped in my tracks, took a deep breath, and said a quick prayer. And I immediately felt better and my mood seemed to almost instantly change. The weather was absolutely beautiful here today in The Peach State. So instead of working inside the house, I worked outside most of the day and soaked up some good old vitamin D. Then I went to work for my friend Zach as his nurses assistant. As I worked him out doing stretching excersizes, I worked on my own arms and legs. He was looking at me like I was crazy. (He can't speak right now) So I explained to him that I was trying to get in some excersize too and he gave me a good solid blink. (Which means okay or yes) So we both got a pretty good workout on our arms and legs. I made a quick lunch afterward of salad greens with Feta and a greek vinagrette. And I had a couple of apple slices. Not exactly the lunch I would like to have ate. But still filling and good. Now I'm awaiting the hubby to get home so we can go out for dinner. TGIF!!!!!!


  1. Yes! TGIF!
    Sounds like you had a pretty good day!

    I had a similar lunch, but added some tuna as well for protein. It filled me up nicely.

    Have a great weekend! Hope the positive attitude continues for you!

  2. Just wanted to stop in and spread some positivity and love your way. Hope all is well.